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30Nov, 2017

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression System in Pakistan

Universal Fire Protection

Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System: Carbon dioxide extinguishes the fire by reducing the concentration of fuel in the oxygen and/or gas phase in the air to the point where it will stop.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) extinguishes a fire by decreasing the concentration of reactants to the limits which make the burning impossible. Carbon dioxide – is colourless, odourless, non conducting electricity, inert gas suitable for fire extinguishing.
Carbon dioxide reduces the burning concentration and/or any gaseous substances containing in oxygen to inflammability limit and extinguishes the fire by cooling.

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)Fire Suppression Systems


  • Ozone depletion potential is zero
  • -Physically extinguishes fire
  • -Used for local facilities
  • -Don’t recommend to use in areas with people existing.
  • -Low cost of refilling
  • -Discharge time is 60-120 seconds (30seconds for local systems) Low-pressure systems.
  • -low pressured carbon dioxide systems are used on the total volume executions required high quantity extinguishers.
  • -High-pressure systems: high pressured carbon dioxide systems are used on both total volume protection and local protection executions.
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-Power transfer chambers
-Power generation sets
-Engine rooms
-Recording rooms
-Cable and installation galleries
-Electrical distribution rooms / centers
-Computer rooms
-Flammable liquid storage areas
-Painting cabinets
-printing houses
-Industrial Ovens


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