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29Jul, 2019

Analog Addressable Detector

Product Overview

The AS2010 incorporates a highly linear thermistor circuit. The specially designed cover protects the thermistor while allowing maximum air flow. The thermistor circuit produces a voltage proportional to the temperature; this information is transmitted to the control panel as a dlgltal value. When the ambient temperature exceeds a preprogrammed threshold (fixed temp or rate of rise), the sensor transmits an lnte1n.1pt to the control panel indicating a fire alarm.


Low Profile -Only 2.0• high, Including base

Simple and reliable device addressing method

Rate of Rising temperature threshold = 1 S°F/Mln

Uses the noise Immune Digital Communication Protocol {IXP), which utilizes lnte1n.1pts for fast response to fires

Adjustable threshold temperature = 135°F -190″F {determined by panel)

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