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31May, 2017

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Our addressable fire alarm system come with much more advanced features than conventional fire alarm systems to ensure protection in every large and complex application. Each of them shows greater flexibility in programming, with each smoke detector in the system having a unique ID and an individual location. The addressable fire alarm control panel corresponds to each addressable device one after another and makes the device to report back its heat or smoke detection level. If heat or smoke is identified, then the fire alarm control panel gives the fire alarm on the detector immediately.

Since each addressable device is individually numbered it is faster to find the exact location of the fire saving your valuable time in assessing the building and helping your local fire service to control the fire.

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Download Addressable Fire Alarm System File

Fire Alarm Control System Conventional/Addressable Type
Conventional Fire Alarm Control from 2-32 zones Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel 2-10 loops.
The alarm reset, silence power indicating LEDs. Equipments is certified by BFP, LPCB. Made by EU.Security and Allied Equipments:Standard Finger Print Time Attendance / Access Control System.
Provision and installation of Digital color TEP, 1500 FP, 50000 transaction, work code, Function key, USB optional CMOS ID Card, show photo facility.Security Door Lock/Card Reader.Fire door locks/ Card Reader access control system is come transact with:15,00/ persons with computer networking showing all record on your system
Addressable Fire Alarm System
Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

Addressable Fire Alarm System

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